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Getting raw over food November 11, 2008

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Well, after lots of feet-dragging I’ve finally decided it’s okay to eat some weird food. Lately I have been feeling like a lump o’ lard and I know how good I feel when I eat better. I have been doing a lot of research on raw food (75% of the diet comes from unprocessed nuts, seeds, fruit and vegetables) and have talked to friends about getting with a raw program, and it inspired me to buy a Vitamix blender. For raw foodists, the Vitamix is pretty much indispensable. It is a restaruant-quality blender which can chop ice to a slush, make really smooth shakes and even cook soup (2 hp motor). I ordered mine today along with some cacao powder and other stuff to make some power shakes for breakfast. I’ll keep you posted on how progress is coming along.  For now, however, go see www.vitamix.com and check out all the freaky videos about how many ways you can pulverize your food.


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