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It’s here at last! November 17, 2008

Filed under: Food — hinky @ 6:00 pm

How exciting – my Vitamix came in the mail!  I didn’t get much chance to use it right away, but in the past few days I have successfully made ice cream, smoothies, capuccino, frozen frappes, almond milk, vegetable juice, and something that looks like poop (but tasted great).  I am starting to think bananas irritate my mouth.  I have put bananas in nearly everything I’ve made (everything that’s a drink base anyway) and I’m getting a stinging feeling on my lips and in the back of my throat.  Is this something to worry about?

Who cares!  The fact is, now that I have this amazing machine, not only can I obliterate ice into snow, make my own powdered sugar, and beat the heck out of some egg whites, I can also (hopefully) join the throngs of health freaks who put spinach in the blender and call it a “green smoothie.”  (Apparently, they don’t just taste like spinach.  I like spinach, but I wouldn’t have thought to combine it with ice cream.)

For lots of fun watching me fumble on camera, you can see me unboxing the beloved appliance here.


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