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Looks like poop, tastes like mud November 20, 2008

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First, let me just say two things:  number one, I love my new Vitamix.  Number two:  people who know they’re eating food that’s “good for you” sometimes don’t care that it tastes “kinda gross.”  Examples of this are elderberry juice, which tastes like dirt plus possum sweat; fish oil (self explananatory); ‘green’ smoothies that make you question your existence as human?  Or rabbit?  And blue-green algae, which tastes, well, like algae.  To the person on a quest, these things just represent good health, and I don’t mind telling you that good health can often present itself in a form others may find socially unacceptable.  Sometimes, I find it behooves me to concoct such things in the presence of my lone self, and my trusty dog, who will eat anything.  Including worms (no, I’m not eating them, she just does once in awhile).  Currently I am brewing some fermented wheat berry sprouts (this is a drink called ‘rejuvelac’ which is purportedly rich in probiotics – good intestinal flora), grinding almond pulp (left over from making almond milk) into flour, and baking some sprout bread.  In the past, I have had jars of kombucha tea sitting around, as well as the foul-but-so-good-for-you kefir.  I enjoy the laboratory atmosphere my kitchen can take on, and I’m even thinking of turning it into a potions lab ala Hogwarts, but that’s mainly because I want some part of my house decorated for Halloween at all times.  Coming soon:  recipes from the Vitamix!


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