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It worked! March 9, 2009

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Yesterday I thought I’d bake some prune cookies.  I realized I needed to start it yesterday, and finish it today – unless you start it early in the day and finish it that night, it’s really better to do it in two chunks. I mixed the dry ingredients, the wet, and the filling all the night before, so that the only thing left was assembly.  I like to think breaking it up makes it more likely I’ll repeat the recipe in the future.  The blog where the recipe was mentioned calls it “a labor of love,” but don’t let that stop you.  It is not a hard recipe, and not particularly time consuming either.  The only thing to keep in mind is to make a half recipe, as it is enough.  I find the portions indicated to be way off;  it reports only 24 servings from a whole recipe.  I’m going to get at least that many from half, and most likely more like 36-40.  See:

The first two loaves straight out of the oven.

The first two straight out of the oven.

Here’s what they look like cut and glazed:

The recipe actually calls for sprinkles!

The recipe actually calls for sprinkles!

It tastes like a light cake, not dry, perfect for breakfast or afternoon tea. I hope everyone tries this, and lets me know how you like it! I’m just happy to have found another “old world” recipe.


One Response to “It worked!”

  1. Kari P Says:

    So, when you cut them, they kind of resemble Fig Newtons. When you said you’d made prune cookies I was picturing something more like a molasses cookie, kind of dark and spicy (like Ricky Martin…wait no that doesn’t work)

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