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Good dog March 26, 2009

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If you haven’t seen this amazing clip of sheep herding dogs yet, allow me to bring you into the light (that’s a pun you’ll understand in about 2 minutes 45). Done? Okay, let’s continue. If you read the recent post from Pet Meds Online, you’ll recognize the smartest of the dog breeds, the Border Collie, in the clip above. I can’t tell what breed my little Leah is:

DUK: Dog of Unknown Origin

DUK: Dog of Unknown Origin

but I’ve always guessed it was partly Border Collie (and this was before I knew about the #1 smartest part).  She is an excellent herder, a watchful guarder (of the bird feeder), and gives impressive chase to kids, cats, squirrels and her now-deceased dog toy, Wishbone, rest his stuffed soul.  Leah came to us through a veterinary program at a local community college, where she had given birth to 5 babies, weaned them, had her teeth cleaned, her nails clipped, her worms de-wormed, and her puppymaker taken out.  Then she had a bath, and the vet school gave us our new beloved companion.  For free. They also threw in a bag of dog food.  This was 3 years ago.  Since then, she has been my constant buddy, and a gentle presence in a home fraught with the frantic activity only two little boys can provide.  I love watching her twitch in her sleep, and hearing her groan and sigh as she gets herself comfortable at the end of the day, retiring to her dog bed next to my side of the people bed.  I love my dog.  Since it has been proven her (suspected) breed is so smart, perhaps I shall teach her to talk, so she can say “I love you” too.


3 Responses to “Good dog”

  1. Kari P Says:

    Ha, the sheep vid is too funny! My cousin has an Austrailian sheep dog or some such thing, and she herds the kids, when their boys were toddling around and got too near the stairs she knew that was wrong and would herd them away, it’s too funny.

    Leah looks suspicious of the camera

  2. hinky Says:

    Yes! Leah was like that too at first – we had to train her not to herd the kids. These are such smart dogs, and really amazing when you see them in action. I think Leah IS suspicious of the camera. Paparazzi and all…

  3. katie Says:

    I don’t think she’s suspicious…she is just looking fetching for the camera.

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