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Let’s just call this blog “Back From The Dead” July 3, 2010

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Wow. What has it been – a year? What happened? One moment I was telling vendors I wrote a food blog (which is how you get free samples to review, btw) and the next I was like, poof – gone. I have forgotten how to upload photos, maybe even how to take them…

We also bought a house this spring – a beautiful home in the historic district of our town (Liberty, MO, yo) built in 1921, or thereabouts. Hello $6,000 tax incentive! Instantly upon moving our roof had to be replaced (goodbye $6,000 and a little more 😥 look! I just made a keyboard crying face!). When I figure out how to use the camera again (and its little plug) I’ll post some photos.

We have had some other major repairs (radon mitigation – around $900 if you’re wondering, possibly a new furnace, some plumbing) and some health problems, so in all it has been a busy year thus far.

The whole experience has left me with the thought that getting back to my diary might be nice, helpful. Today, since I don’t have any new photos, I’ll show you an old one. This is a picture of a treat I made last year for Easter:

Wee chickie cake pops

And another photo from the same batch:

More cake pops!

Also, last summer my good friend (who I will call Saffron, because that is not her name and she can remain anonymous that way – and I don’t know anyone called Saffron, so it makes me feel exotic) got married in Maine and we took a family vaycay!

We stayed in a beach house...by the beach!

Since last summer when you last saw me eating hemp (see last post), I have cut my hair. Remember how I said I was growing it out to donate? It never got long enough. Something like 5 years of growing, and it just never got long enough. Ridiculous. I got sweaty and uncomfortable with it, so I just got it whacked off, but will probably start the long slow trudge to length again forthwith. Don’t ask me why. Hair torments me.

Last comment for today, and then I’m off to find my camera cord thingy — If you were tortured by Ke$ha’s appearance on Conan O’Brien, and you found that despite your horror and disgust at this so-called ‘artist’ you somehow managed to memorize the entire song and all the dance moves until the sound of it constantly ran through your mind like a phantom gravel truck on a loop to nowhere, then have I got a video for you. First, make sure you see that train wreck I just posted for you back there a few times. Make it thorough the whole thing. Ask yourself – who is she? Why does she say “sway-ger” instead of “swagger”? What’s with the drum majorette bodysuit… and who is her faux-hawked sidekick? If you have the stomach for it, watch parts 2 and 3 of this video load on YouTube. Familiarize yourself. THEN. WATCH. THIS.

Holy Cow. NOW I like it!


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