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How bizarre, how bizarre July 18, 2010

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You remember that song, don’t you? Apparently OMC was mildly popular in New Zealand. Here, they just made it to the “One Hit Wonders” best-of list.

OMC How Bizarre


Anyway, I’m not here to talk about OMC. No, I am here to talk about what happened to my computer the day I wanted to upload a fantastic video of a guy freaking out over a double rainbow and the subsequent equally funny video someone made featuring background music, making the whole thing sound a lot like bad worship music.
Instead, my son spilled water on my keyboard, causing my computer to scream in horror and promptly shut down mid-post. Days later, I turned it back on (after being advised to let it dry out) and found that it now randomly capitalizes text, ransom note-style. Here’s a sample, and I’m not even kidding (this is an excerpt from an email I sent to a friend): “By the wAY i have been correcting it as i go and it”s taking too dang long so i”m just goinG to leave the weirdness in and get on with it> APOlogies>>>” Notice the ‘less-than’ sign in place of all periods.
Now, it’s doing it less, but it still happens. Also, my h, v, and t keys don’t always go, making unique new spellings for all my favorite words.
So instead of me breaking the double rainbow to the world, you had to learn about it via Huffington Post, who wrote a brief article about it hypothesizing the dude was dropping acid at the time of filming. For his part, Paul Vasquez, aforementioned rainbow dude says he wasn’t high when he filmed that footage. Reading this article makes me feel like I am, however.
Paul Vasquez, double rainbow spotter

Paul Vasquez, double rainbow spotter and prescription holder for legal California weed.